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Q&A w/Rashad Singleton:National Reparations League: DC March

I'm catching up on this space from last night.

In short, it was fuckery.

What was supposed to be a Q&A w/Rashad to learn more about him, his National Reparations League organization, and his march on Washington.. instead, we got a bunch of emotionally hurt egos and deflections.

From what I gathered from Rashad, he is passionate about reparations. He wanted to do something about it, and instead of following someone else or waiting on someone, he took it upon himself to create a march. Aye, props to him. Because I understand pursuing any passion or project is very hard to do. It's very hard, that's why so many people rather follow someone than do the work themselves.

I don't know enough about Rashad to say he's legit nor can I say I agree with everything he says or doing. But he's making a move, and he doesn't need anyone's permission to do what he wants to do.

Marcel hopped on and questioned Rashad about why Hawk Newsome was invited to speak. And he did attack Hawk's past work, but later claimed he wasn't attacking Hawk. He clearly was. Rashad didn't give the best response. And when Hawk entered the room, he defended himself and explained why he's speaking at the march. ---because of his platform, followers, and reach to bring more awareness to his friend, Rashad and his reparations organization. But Marcel was real disrespectful to the point the host, Juicy was trying to get him to mute his mic.

To me, I get it. Because when I'm planning an event and need some reliable help and support, guess who I'm reaching to first? MY FRIENDS. lol. Duh. But Tezlyn stepped up to speak and was apparently offended by his answer, claiming her platform is just as big as his. So?? lol. But Rashad reached out to Hawk instead because he personally knew him. Tezlyn came off as jealous.

LionessCrowned came off aggressive as well towards Rashad, because she was offended when he said he was surprised at the audience in the space. Lioness quickly said he was out of touch and that grassroots always been there. Okay, that may be true. But last night was Rashad's first time literally in a Twitter space. It's new to him. It's a big world out there outside of Twitter. That was nothing to be offended about. You can tell Rashad is not even that tech-savvy. So I understood his comment. She was also questioning how he was able to get a permit, but not her and Tariq for that same weekend. Like he would know the answer to that. lol. But she dropped an opportunity because Rashad said she could reach out to him and he'll share his contacts and who helped him secure his permit. To me, it's like most things in life, it's who you know. And that could've been a great networking opportunity. In fact, Rashad said he was planning to reach out and invite Tariq to speak at the march.

Rashad apparently is friends with Nyhiem. I didn't know he who was until a few days ago. I personally don't care for him because he was very disrespectful towards Jay on a Space.

But people need to understand, many of us have different visions of what our reparations should be. And I didn't like the attitude of Tezlyn, Marcel, and others trying to dictate who is and who isn't "qualified" to speak on reparations in this "leaderless" movement. That's gatekeeping.

I sure as hell don't agree with everyone's reparations views, but if they're a descendant of black American slaves, they have a right to their own view. Whether I agree with it or not. And I have been vocal about my disagreements with it. But I also promote critical thinking and always say you don't have to agree with me.

But this is verrrryyyy interesting how all this is playing out before mid-term elections. IMO, sounds like the system of white supremacy is doing what they do best, infiltrating and destabilizing movements. And doing it at a time when we're so focused on fighting others and not THEM.

Why haven't black folks canceled Kanye?

Black buy his tennis shoes heavy, his music heavy despite him blatantly throwing black folks under the bus?

Kanye West just said 400 years of slavery was a choice​

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Air Fryers are dope!

I have not actually used one until my mom got one. My dad just sprung it on her last week. He likes to get her things for the kitchen cause he knows new gadgets = more food for him lol

I was over there yesterday messing around with it and making things. I love it. I have to get one for myself. You can make so much food and save time. It beats heating up my oven and waiting 10+ min for a preheat. The air fryer she has heated up in like 1 minute and cuts cooking time in half.

Anyone here use one? I wanna get some recipes and suggestions. Going to buy one off Amazon this weekend.

Thomas Sowell: Self Hating Sociopath

I've never heard anyone claim Blacks were the only ones enslaved. The bible itself had slaves mentioned. So, isn't this a straw man argument? Has MLK Jr, Abolishonists and others in American history ever make that claim? It's ALWAYS been about America and its slavery. Trying to say 'well, there was slavery everywhere and in history' as a response to Americans enslaving people is tantamount to an American rapist saying 'Well, rape existed throughout history and everywhere'. Sowell has a brilliant mind, which makes him a brilliant gaslighter. It takes a very special person to try and nuance and remove the abject savagery and cruelty of his own ancestors. You don't see any Jew reducing the brutality of the holocaust. Nor any Armenian of theirs. Or any southerner of the brutality of Sherman. Yet, Sowell does for his very own ancestors.. Amazing. You really have to have zero love of self to be that. It's sociopathic PS: This coon who is trying to get white folks to love him needs to go.
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The Nation Of Islam Always Have Taught Reparations

Reparations is not a new topic. The Nation Of Islam have always taught it. The Nation never taught immigration. But they did teach that we should join hands with our brothers and sisters across the water. This is the price we pay for not heeding the Message. Allah (God) hate rejection of His servants Message. So now we are bombarded with ******* from all over try to covet our accomplishments. It pays to listen. Login to view embedded media View:

Do you think dating sites help people find the love of their lives?

Dating sites are often something I don't really focus my attention on anymore. I have tried using a few dating sites in the past to meet women, but for the most part, they don't really work all too well. A lot of the time, people on most dating sites tend to be more about sex than going into a relationship. I mean there are apps out there where you can find love, but even those apps tend to result in one night stand type scenarios. And I'm by no means against that, but I would prefer to find someone I could date instead of someone I see once and we're done.

I know dating sites are usually the worst place to find love these days, as going out and meeting people tends to work best for some. For me, idk, I'm a mixed bag when it comes meeting women. Some days a dating site is what I go on, but rarely do I find anyone to bring out on a date. And going to bars or clubs doesn't yield much of anything either.

My best scenario, is to meet a woman on the go, and we hit it off from our first interaction. Because going to a bar you kinda expect to meet women, but they aren't usually the ones that want to settle down.

Anyway, that went all over the place, let's discuss dating sites and whether you believe you could find love on there or not.

Cons of being Successful

Let's chop it up family! What are the negative things you went through as a result of being successful? Did becoming what you strived for make your loved ones jealous or they had a "i should have what you do since I know you" kinda attitude? Did you deal with hater friends, family(it can be a spouse or child) , and/or betrayal?
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This may help! - FREE GAME!

If you have a business and need a website for anything. You can Google, Google Sites and make a free website. As long as you have a Gmail account, it's totally free. But you will have to pay for a domain name, a dot com, a dot net, or whatever. It allows you to make up to 40 or 50 websites so choose wisely if you're using them for digital real estate!

Dead By Daylight: Free Weekend Coming + More

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Scary festivities start October 11th in Dead By Daylight. Free week-end is October 27th-November 1st, perfect time to check out the game if you're on the fence. There will also be numerous sales October 18th-Nov 2nd on various platforms.


More details: Dead by Daylight Welcomes The Season of Fear: New Event, Archives, & More

BET Hip Hop Awards

I have not heard any news about the coveted award show. I did not even know it was last night until I heard someone mention it. So glad that Black People banned together and shut that down. It did not get any play among us. I went online just now to see if I could see anything, and I did not. They have not even published any lies and that‘s surprising. We are gaining ground.

Tried a new dish tonight, seafood stuffed Baked potatoes

I substituted the crawfish with Crab, still turned out go000d!
Only thing time consuming is waiting for the baked potatoes, and waiting for them to cool off to hollow them out. Everything else is pretty quick.


  • 4 baking size Russet potatoes
  • 1 lb crawfish tails drained of fat
  • 1 lb of raw shrimp
  • 2 T minced garlic
  • 1 stick of butter
  • 4 T flour
  • 8 oz block cream cheese softened
  • 2 cups shredded American cheese Velveeta
  • 1 cup shredded mozzarella
  • 1/2 cup shredded Monterey Jack
  • 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
  • 2 1/2 cups half and half
  • 2 T cajun seasoning
  • 2 T liquid crab boil
  • 2 T onion powder
  • 1 T garlic powder
  • Salt and pepper
  • chives or green onions


Wash, scrub, and dry the potatoes well.
Poke small holes all over the potatoes using a fork to vent.
Now, you can either wrap them in foil and bake them on 400 F for 40-50 mins. Or you can wrap them individually in paper towels and microwave them one at a time using the “potato” setting on your microwave. *
When the potatoes are done, carefully cut a split down the middle of a potato. Do NOT cut through the other (or under) side of the potato’s skin.
Scoop the insides of the potatoes out and place it into a bowl; reserve the potato skins and keep them intact.
Add in the cream cheese, chives, garlic powder, and salt and pepper to taste.

Mix well, cover to keep warm, and set aside.
Seafood & Sauce:
Add the shrimp and crawfish into a bowl
Season the shrimp with 1 TBS of Cajun seasoning, 1 TBS onion powder and 1 TBS liquid crab boil.

In a saucepan, melt 4 TBS of butter and add in the garlic
Sauté the garlic for 30 secs.
Add in the shrimp and crawfish and sauté until the shrimp are cooked; about 4-5 mins.
Remove and set aside
Pour the liquid left in the pot into a cup and reserve

In the same pot, melt the remaining butter.
When the butter melts, whisk in the flour
Mix until the flour is no longer visible; about 1 min
Pour in the reserved seafood liquid

Pour in the half and half while whisking.
Bring it to a low simmer
Stir in 1 TBS of Cajun seasoning and 1 TBS of onion powder

When the sauce starts to thicken, stir in all remaining cheeses.
When the cheese melts, add in the seafood and stir.
Once the seafood is hot turn off the heat.
Spoon the potato mixture evenly onto the reserved potato skins
Sprinkle mozzarella evenly on each potato

Ladle the seafood sauce over the potatoes

Garnish with chives or green onions



Are Western Black People More Informed About White Supremacy Than The Rest Of The Diaspora?

I've been pondering this question in my head for a while now, personally, I think Black Westerners are more informed and against white supremacy than other Black people that are outside of the Western hemisphere. But what do you think?

Are bookshelf stereos not a thing anymore?

I been looking for one to get for my mom. She has had the same one for like 15 years now and it finally stopped working. It don't play CDs anymore. It is just one of those small compact designs. I think at the time, she spent $60 on it. It was nothing fancy. I can't seem to find any of those. The ones I find end up being too expensive. Anytime I find one similar to what she had, it is either $150+ or it is not in stock.

Her's looks simular to this one but I can't remember what brand it is:

I wanna get her one for Christmas.

I'm starting to become anti-immigration

I'll keep this short, but I believe that immigration has caused nothing but heartache for the African-American community; Immigrants, Black, White, Asian, WHATEVER; has been coming to our majority African-American cities, gentrifying our areas, messing up our politics, actively going against us in politics, disrespecting us even though we've gave them the benefit of being able to live in America freely without being prosecuted for being of a different race. They're reeping our benefits while we're still fighting to benefit from what our ancestors went through. I think all African-Americans should be anti-immigrant; especially anti-Black and mexican immigrants because they are the worst offenders.