Draymond Green Suspended for Choking Rudy Gobert

The Warriors Get Choked Up Off Draymond's On-Court Antics​

Draymond Green of Golden State Warriors fame is once again making headlines and this time for choking Minnesota Timberwolves' Rudy Gobert within the first two minutes of their Nov. 14th contest. The altercation itself is asinine but it hits all new levels of ridiculous when you factor in that it transpired before a point was even scored. While Klay Thompson and Jaden McDaniels' rough play may seem like ample justification, it is quickly overshadowed by Draymond Green's lengthy rap sheet.

The NBA didn't think too highly of the exchange with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver characterizing it as "excessive and over the top”. NBA EVP Joe Dumars when on to state that Draymond Green escalated the on-court altercation "in an unsportsmanlike and dangerous manner." As a result, Green will serve a 5 game suspension, which began on Nov. 16th.

At a certain point Green has to ask himself, does he want to be remembered for his championships or for his antics.

Angel Reese's GPA Woes​

Angel Reese and LSU basketball have gotten off to a rough start since last year’s national championship. But things have gone from bad to worse as sources state that Reese was recently benched for bad grades by Coach Kim Mulkey. How bad you may be asking? Well according to the rumors, she currently has a 2.0 GPA. The ordeal begs the question, is being a high-profile college athlete and high-performing student even possible?

Shakur Stevenson's Lackluster Performance.​

Shakur Stevenson is receiving a ton of scrutiny for his less than stellar defeat of Edwin De Los Santos last week. While the win may have resulted in Stevenson earning a title in a 3rd weight class, it didn't stop his potential opponents from deriding him. Devin Haney referred to Stevenson as a "bum" while Ryan Garcia stated that he would have "asked for his money back". We can't help but speculate regarding Stevenson's health - was he injured or was he not feeling well? What we know for sure is that his stock has taken a hit,

NFL Week 11 Analysis​

We will also discuss NFL WEEK 11 with wrap ups and discussions of the games….and will have an in depth preview of MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL game between PHILADELPHIA EAGLES and KANSAS CITY CHIEFS in a SUPER BOWL XLVII rematch. THIS game will be played in KANSAS CITY and has been much anticipated since the schedule was announced.

Yadabear will give analysis and we will talk about what will be different going in to this game.

Its THANKSGIVING WEEK so we will discuss what we are thankful for and give our picks for THANKSGIVING DAYS GAMES ((PACKERS - LIONS, COMMANDERS - COWBOYS, NINERS - SEAHAWKS)). And we will discuss NBA and how the young rookies have fared so far. And how the HOUSTON ROCKETS surprising people has people looking at them differently. NCAA FOOTBALL and DEIONs worst defeat. NCAA BASKETBALL Holiday Tournaments. And what NHL team will PATRICK KANE end up signing with. We will be discussing this and more on DOWN AND IN SPORTSTALK. Tap in with us…..

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