Sexyy Red's Sex Tape Leak Is The Chickens Coming Home to Roost

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Sexyy Red's sex tape recently "leaked" on her IG and it has been taking the dusty back alleys of the internet by storm. Opinions are mixed. with fans of rapper Sexyy Red showing empathy while personalities such as Ebro take a more pragmatic stance by saying the video is "on brand". No matter where your opinion may land on the sex tape, the endeavor has us asking:
  1. Is Sexyy Red a victim?
  2. Who is financing and distributing this explicit content and why?

Is Sexyy Red a Victim?​

One recurring theme throughout the dialogue is the question of victimhood. Is it possible to separate Sexyy Red the alleged victim of a sex tape leak and the Sexyy Red that is known for her sexual lyrics and videos? Let's first examine lyrics from her breakout song "Pound Town":

"Pound town, just left pound town
With my nigga, he just took a bitch down
Yeah, that nigga dick a bitch down
Yeah, that nigga eat me out"

Here is another excerpt from her latest album: Hottest Hood Princess

"You's a nigga for the fuck, I'm love me a quick nut
He say he finna cum, I told him shoot it on my butt,"

Can a leaked sex tape truly be a source of embarrassment and harm to someone who exposes their sexuality for all to see? Common sense would say "no" and in many ways the alleged sex tape is no different than when a "gun-bussing" rapper inevitably gets shot.

Now would I wish a sex tape leak on any one? Absolutely not. But in the real world our actions have consequences and this is one of the unfortunate side effects of promoting degeneracy. Not only do you create a negative image of yourself - you also create a circle of individuals who prey off of and find like company in the negativity.

The keyword in all of this is accountability which is far too few are willing to have a conversation about.

Sexyy Red Expresses Heartbreak Over the Alleged Tape Leak​

The 25-Year-Old Rapper took to X on 5-OCT-23 to highlight her discontent over the releasing of the video:

While she may truly be heartbroken behind the endeavor it is hard to find empathy when the tape is not too far removed from what she displays in her music videos. For me to personally feel sorry I would need to see a 180-degree transformation similar to that of Black Chyna.

Because in the end empathy is in short supply and why use yours for someone who will put themselves back in the same situation by the end of the day?

Who is Bankrolling and Distributing This Filth?​

The larger question in this all is who is promoting, distributing, and profiting from these raunchy, violent, and over-sexualized Black artists? Contrary to popular belief, it is not the Black community that is finding individuals like Janae Wherry, giving them a platform to profess love for "Dread Head Killaz", and then raking in the profits, it is Corporate America!

Every saw a song with explicit lyrics and wondered "who would create something so foul" well look no further than the music executive that cleared the budget for it. The same music executive that will often pass on Black rappers with positive messages out of the racist belief that Black people only want degeneracy and debauchery.

While the larger society likes to point at the Sexyy Red's as the exemplar of Black people and Black culture it's in all actuality a reflection of the USA and its lust for violence, sexuality, and confusion.

So Is Sexyy Red a Victim?​

Yes and no. She is a victim for having an intimate moment alleged "leaked" but is she deserving of empathy and protection? Not in my opinion. She professes degeneracy, hangs around other professors of degeneracy, and now has to reap the consequences of said actions. It is no different than your run-of-mill thug rapper succumbing to the violence they rap incessantly about. Do not frolic with the bottom of society and then expect the straight-laced to come save you.

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This chic makes BWP (bishes With Problems) sound like child's play. I remember they were trying to say "Push it" from Salt n Pepa was tacky. No, this flea face lookin skank has taken the cake.
But wait she has company with this Suki Hana nasty mouth, proud of eating ass, taking it in the ass & sucking D for days. These are uneducated tack heads flatout.
Now, she is trying to claim she is broken up about this tape? That's cap! Trick no good.


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