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  1. Revolution_2

    Democrats Back At The It With The Low Hanging Fruit

    Joe Biden and his minions are going to stop playin' with the paper and the land! #ReparationsIsADebtOwed #ReparationsNow #NoTangiblesNoVote #FBA #CutTheCheck...
  2. josiah starr

    We On The Map Y'all!!

    They love us. 😏 #ReparationsNow
  3. Revolution_2

    Lisa Cabrera on the AAPI demanding Biden push reparations to Foundational/Native Black Americans

    ...You would also be amazed at the inventions we created. Over 50,000 patents stolen on inventions we all use everyday! The Colleges, railroads and cities our ancestors built by force and many of those cities and governments built before anyone else set foot on this land! #ReparationsNow
  4. Iris the Queen of Nails

    CA Reparations Toolkit from CJEC

    If anyone is interested, here is the CA Reparations Toolkit!!! Please read and share as needed! #ReparationsNow #CAReparations #AB3121
  5. Iris the Queen of Nails

    Latinos are against reparations for Foundational Black Americans due to anti-Black racist jealousy. we advocate for ourselves. Notice how EVERYONE is against our justice claim? It shows that their purpose in this country is to be an anti-black buffer and ensure that the power structure remains in tact. It doesn’t matter though, the US owes a debt and we WILL collect. #ReparationsNow
  6. B

    Will Marijuana be legalized federally?

    Exactly Blacks have been block out of so much wealth when all of it should belong to #JUSTUS anyway! We build this country. We should have burned it down when WS started gathering us up like cattle #ReparationsNow
  7. ART

    The "Model Minority" Doesn't Want Your Kids Going To School With Theirs.

    ...their movements and beliefs to attack and undermine us?! And why haven't they suffered from the barbaric, ungodly, downright demonic levels of oppression we've been facing #467YearsANDCounting ? #CutTheBullshit We've Had Enough. #StopBlackPeopleHate #BlackLivesMatter #CutTheCheck...
  8. ART

    The Ukraine vs Russia Megathread

    ...over some damn Ukraine along with YOUR little tiny pale yellow ass can go fight in that white on white crime war abroad, and YOU and the other dumbasses that are crying over Ukraine can pay for that same war too. We real Black riders not invested and are opting out. #NotMyProblem #ReparationsNow
  9. ART

    We need to keep our eyes on the prize

    ...UKRAINIAN NEO NAZI TERRORISTS, RUSSIAN SPIES, AND EUROPEEING CRACKER HACKERS OVER HERE. STOP GIVING ALL OF THESE WHITES AND OTHERS OUR MONEY. They are soulless blood sucking leeches. Let them kill each other. #ReparationsNow #CutTheBullshit #NotARussianBot #BlackPeopleAreRealPeople...