Countries safe for black travelers

Culture Which South American Countries are Safe for Black Travelers?

Wondering what it’s like to travel South America as a member of the African diaspora? Well, the experience entirely depends on what countries you’re traveling to. I’ll be discussing my experiences traveling throughout South America and highlighting which countries are safe for Black travelers?
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Culture A Journey in Black Home Buying

A house is more than a place to live. For me, it was a place that provided me comfort, security, and served as the canvas my teenage years were painted on. As you begin your journey into purchasing a home, do your due diligence.

Culture No One Tests Your Gangsta Like a Workplace Karen: Part 2

e how racist they can truly be in your presence. In other words, how much of themselves they can actually be without having their mouth gone up in. I’ll continue to divulge with you examples from my experiences in my current situation and examine their racist energy. We will be reintroduced to the antics of Workplace Karen #1 (bka WK1), and introduced to my passive workplace Karen (PWK going forward) and her foolishness.