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Q&A w/Rashad Singleton:National Reparations League: DC March

Again, there is no way you can be deep in the reparations space enough for you to start a reparations organization and not come across Dr. Claud Anderson and Tariq early.
Lee and Booker know better to even holla at Tariq. They won't go near Dr. Claud Anderson, but both of them hollared at you to be part of a reparations protest in DC? Nah....HUGE red flag.
Everyone who is who knows each other in that space. Not everyone gets along (ADOS, FBA for example) but you know who everyone is. If he was on instagram or whatever for a couple years. He started or at least is representing an reparations organization but you no one of note has heard of you. The brother Naiheim? (don't know how to spell his name), vouched for him. That's a good start BUT its not enough. Naiheim seems to be saying "I vouch for him, done" What? If a guy was in town and my boy said such and such is in town, I vouch for him, that's cool on a personal level but not when there are literally 100s of thousands of people who trust your judgement. You vouching for him is a start not the end. There are people who are really cool with Tariq but also cool with people Tariq don't get along with. The sista Jezlyn has said that.
Rashad seems to be of the mindset, lets hash it out over a few days and we good. Nah, Tariq and Jason Black knew of each other for a few years before they became cool. It wasn't any overnight thing.
People seem like they tryna rush things and Rashad ought to respect that he can't just get put on by Tariq after a phone call.
No one who is well respected in this space is going to consider Sheila Jackson Lee and Cory Booker to speak. None. The only ones who would would the ADOS leaders perhaps and that's about it.
The best thing to do is let him have his thing, watch from a safe distance and then when TBA, Tariq or others feel secure enough, then holla.
You’re basically calling Tariq the leader and he is not. He makes some DVDs people like and that’s it. No one has to check in with his ass. Y’all niggas turning this shit into ADOS 2.0. Niggas had to check in with Yvette and now we have to check in with Tariq, Tezlyn, and Lioness? No thanks.

They Want WW3

B1 Sir I believe we are in the early days of something as well and it's not good, I'm sensing early ww1 from what I've read. Personally it makes me afraid for my children because they are now prime military age, I did my time in the sand box I don't want the same for my children or any other black child we don't ever have anything to do with it but we keep getting pulled into their wars.
Most people don't have anything to do with it. These egotistical nutjobs need to fight their own wars. They should make it a law that if you start a war, you need to be out there fighting it. So if the US were to start one, Biden and all our politicians would need to be doing something in the war too. It makes no sense for millions to die for these people because they wanna fight over oil, land, or whatever.

So I played the MW2 beta...

Yup, it's been like that since maybe the rebooted MW game. It think it started with WWII maybe, idk I forget, but the menus are annoying to deal with. Sometimes you get lost trying to navigate.

They make it so packed with menus that it can be overwhelming for sure. And I've noticed it slows the game down sometimes, at least when I played MW on Xbox One a while back.
I really don't get why they changed it so much. The old menu worked. They keep making these changes and only some are for the better. Most of them just make the game more complicated to play. At least give us an option to use an easier menu.

Why haven't black folks canceled Kanye?

He went on Fox last night to talk to Tuckkker. I did not watch it in full but I did end up agreeing with some of the things he said.

He mentioned how 50% of our babies are terminated in NY through Planned Parenthood and how he is pro-life specifically because he is sick of seeing black children be tossed away. He mentioned how unlike the Jews, we see ourselves as a race and not as a people which divides us. He also made a point to say that he performs for an audience of one and that is God.

I can respect him for saying things like this but I can't get passed him saying slavery was a choice and wearing "white lives matter" cause regardless of if he was wearing to say "all lives matter" or whatever, it was a slogan used by white supremacist to mock BLM. Regardless of the nonsense tagged along with BLM from the leaders of the movement, it was still originally intended to shed light on blacks losing their lives to cops. To mock that just puts a bad taste in my mouth.

Air Fryers are dope!

Just a note... look for an air-fryer that does not have a Teflon/PFAS/non-stick coated cooking area. This is important if you are trying to limit your exposure to forever chemicals. Other options include, glass, stainless steel and even countertop ovens with air-fryers.
I learned about all this recently. I heard about it but they are actually starting to talk about it more. Most people in the US already have these chemicals in their bodies. Even if you avoid using them now, you likely already have them in you. I think taking care of your immune system is key to preventing any damage they can do until we find a way for the body to remove them. It is scary though. All the ones I was looking at use "non-toxic non-stick" but anything can be labeled as non-toxic these days, it don't mean anything. I worry more about aluminum since I have seen family members who used aluminum cookware for years end up with severe cognitive issues.

Thomas Sowell: Self Hating Sociopath

Obama was bad for black people but he isn't even close to being the worse president ever. He is far better than both Bushes and Clinton. That said, I'd never vote for him (or his opponent). There is Trump...Nixon...Hoover (who the Great Depression started under) and Obama is the worse ever?
Sowell hates Obama for a myriad of reasons none of it reasonable
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House of the Dragon

I'm looking forward to the time jump of older young adult Rhaenyra(Future Queen) and how the personalities differ from the childish temperamental teenager. How much of her disdain of the common folk will carry over in addition to her diplomatic tactics.
Her character change was incredible and as good as she was when she was a younger. I'm not sure which character was more pretty though.

The Self Sufficiency Thread

Where I am from we own farms and farm lands and most people are taught how to grow and process their own food locally from a really young age.

I don't like to be totally dependant so sometimes I deprive myself of certain things just so I would get used to not having it even before I can't have it any longer.
Farming and agriculture is a big way forward when you're talking about being self sufficient because it means you don't depend on the government for your food completely and you get to eat your crops fresh from harvest. There's big money is agriculture.


That is exactly my point. You can't neglect the responsibility of taking care of your children to just your husband alone while all your income goes to your brother who is in prison. A balance is needed in this kind of union.
When you talk about how crazy some ladies can be, this is a stark example of it. Your own kids, that are your future is lower on your priority to take care of. She's needs to get checked out.

Secret CCP police in NYC

Apparently, there is a unit of CCP-funded police operating in NYC and our government is just allowing it. They are doing it in a few places in Canada as well. I can't remember the locations. They are keeping track of Chinese immigrants, for whatever reason. The fact that we are allowing it to happen in the US is beyond me. Doesn't that violate some kind of human rights gained when you become a citizen? Doesn't this breach some sort of national security!?
2nd time I heard a story like this. If my memory serves me correctly a similar occurrence regarding Federalis was mentioned in connection with 9/11

Stop comparing Apples to Android!

Forget Apple and Android it’s all about the Palm Pre and Web OS ha ha. Just kidding. Who remembers that os? I designed for thier os back in 2012 and it was very robust and years ahead of the others and still failed. The next decade will be interesting.
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I don't like the way those phones look.

Cultural Appropriation

The truth comes to light. More & more people are speaking the truth