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Sister Dismembered In Milwaukee

The police found a dismembered limb in his residence, he was then arrested, released during the investigation based on not enough evidence, then re-arrested after the investigation... And he still got a bail.

Interest On U.S. Debt Approaches A Trillion. Possible Ramifications...

The US budget is about 6.5 trillion. In a year the interest alone, just the interest on that debt will be over a trillion and it will be the biggest component of the US budget.

An analogy would be the interest alone on your credit cards, car, mortgage, just the interest is higher than your rent or mortgage payment, car note, etc.

Israel and certain groups in America have been trying to get us into a war with Iran. That happens, stick a fork in the economy. We'll likely implode the economy in America.

My guess is if that happens, at the same time reparations has become a major issue, the government will use being broke as a reason it can't pay it to the FBAs. Just my guess on how they think.

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Caitlin Clark The GOAT? GTFOH, Cheryl Miller Is

No question in any comparable metric. Miller (sister of Reggie Miller) was dominating at all levels.
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What saddens me is black pundits know this. But don't want to talk about it. Dawn Staley should have mentioned it. Love that sista to death. No shade to her. She has to play the PR game.

In fact there is a sista at USC, Miller's old school who is further ahead that Caitlin, Paige and everyone else at the same age (18) in development named JuJu Watkins. A freshman, killing the game.

Best of JuJu Watkins’ USC Highlights 🙌 | ESPN College Basketball

He Divorced Becky Over Her N Bomb With The Hard 'er'

I don't subscribe to Kendra G but I watch the videos from time to time and this one came on my feed.

The sisters in the comments area are saying, stay over there. I am not so sure this guy won't go back to Becky. However, I wouldn't write off anyone who dated another race if they are contrite. If they have truly gotten their wake up call and are now pro Black.

Not sure if I could date a divorced sista with kids. If she had a white ex...maybe...if I can see she's completely done. Shout out to Dr. Umar

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