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View this young lady I'm not familiar with have a pick me moment and...... It does not go how she planned got egg on her face put her whole foot in her mouth 😳☕🤓🌺😄 it's okay though she got lots of pretty privilege 🤟🏾👑💜🌺
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I Keep My Ear 👂🏾 To The 🤓wall😆

....... Somebody said touch my nose👃🏾😭 💩 okay 🆗🌐 🤟🏾🅾️🅾️🅾️🅾️🅾️🅾️👑🧬🧠🔥💜 #B1 conversation

The Mayo Codes.

1. If confronted about their wicked ways, will play the victim.

2. Are always looking for comparative racism even if it misses the point of the original conversation.

3. Are greatly bothered by your self made progress and happiness even if no aggression is showed towards them.

4. Hate to be pointed out for who they are.

5. Must control everything because they are inclined to work against the natural order.

6. Will steal your creation and act if it's their own.

7. Will only complain when bad things happen to them.

8. Project their faults onto others.

9. Will become violent if they can't deceive you.

10. Are inherently evil.

(Feel free to add to list if needed!)

But....its Black People Who Are Painted As Homophobic.....

Where is Marc Lamont Hill and the rest of the DNC shills to pathologize this group of people as irredeemibly "Homophobic"?

They won't say a word. They NEED their votes. This is what the results of all this illegal immigration is going to produce in the decades to come.

But go ahead.....attack black people. You gotta pay the bills.

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Mike TV Is Roasting Problem Tethers Fresh & Fit

These 2 need to be Ghandied

The Devil You Know: A Black Power Manifesto By Charles M. Blow

I checked this book out from my local library. I hope it is not full of BS. I see there are six chapters in the book so I guess I will give my thoughts on each chapter when I am done reading each and then my final thoughts on the book as a whole.

Sisters, What's The Biggest Dating Issues W/Brothas?

I did a post on what a white guy and his successful black friend thought about dating sisters.

I didn't want it to be a bashing black women thing (love me some sistas) but an honest discussion about 'some' sisters.

What are yours or your friends/ relatives biggest complaints? I have heard them from my female homies, relatives. Almost all seem to date the wrong guy while looking for the right guy and/or aren't really ready for a producer, decent guy tryna do well.

I do genuinely feel bad for a few sisters I know who are quality women but can't find that right guy. My circle of brothers are on point. I admire them greatly. I think in my early years I had some Pookie homies in my circle because these were brothers I grew up with, had history. But as time goes on I moved apart because of what I was trying to do. Eventually I only befriended positive brothers who were pro black. All of them are married or engaged and make a good living. I'm the only one that is truly 'single'. But that's the type of brothers I want to be around. I still stay in touch with and got mad love for the homies from around the way. But I wouldn't introduce any of them to good sistas. I love them to death but.....

So, sisters what's the main issues with trying to date brothers these days?

A White Man's View On Swirlers/Divestors

There is a white guy I used to work with in the Middle East. We didn't talk prior, there was about 80 of us, we kept it professional, spoke only when needing to. At one time he was a filled in as our boss when a previous boss left. I was wary from jump because we had a cook out and the first encounter he had a southern accent, and on one shoulder a tattoo of the American flag on the other a tattoo of the Confederate flag. Had a beard and had a militia vibe about him. Didn't joke much, spoke seriously, rarely smiled.

I kept it business. Interesting thing enough he hung with the black guys that I knew which made me wonder. He had alt right written all over him. Anyway, while around a couple of the brothers he came around and obviously I was wary. And kinda low key looked at them like 'Y'all know he got a confederate flag tattoo don't y'all?'.

We had a Whatsapp group for our job for messages that needed to be convyed...okay...okay...I'm getting there. Wait. He tried to be friends, or at least friendly. He was going on a road trip to Bahrain (country is lit by the way, the 'Vegas' of the ME, not in gambling but clubs, etc), invited me along, I went along.

Anyway, long story short, when he went back to America he tried keeping in touch as he had my whatsapp info. I ignored it. He then asked me a question so I responded. We had political and social issues/race related discussions. I tried avoiding it because I know where it would go but y'all know me, sometimes I get triggered.

We had some discussions on reparations, etc. Here is the kicker, he only dates non white women. He had a Turkish gf when he worked with us. The closest he said he came to dating a white woman is Israeli. He dated black women, Arab, Persian, Turkish, etc and in America in his area there are not only black women, but Creole as well as the odd Arab, Latino, African, woman from the university which is a huge, division 1 university with over 30k students.

I asked him a question about the Black women he meets on tinder, etc. We discussed the divestors, swirlers, etc. this is his response to the question: Your honest opinion on your experience with the Black women who only date white men. And what your black friends (he has a few, all successful by American standards, educated, great career), what they say about today's Black women.

The answer:
"From what I've personally seen and heard from eligible Black men, when they encounter "eligible" Black women (meaning surface, looks, educated, smart, career) they don't know how to 'act'. One friend broke it down to me in one word: attitude.

She'll give me attitude on the first date but with you acts completely different. (His successful Black friend with a master's in engineering said this. He's met a girl or two of this white guys black date and says she would act differently were it him).

The few (black) American and British women I've met on the first date, within the first hour start ripping into Black men.
1. That's when I know I'm getting laid. I let them vent, over dinner, movie or whatever and 3 hours later, I get laid first date, 99 percent of the time.
2. I know they are getting back at a Black ex."

His guess on the hard core swirlers/divestors (and this guy is Republican, far right politics. I would even say white nationalist, which is a dichotomy).

"1. White men are all they know in terms of daddy figures. No father, no influential father figure black men in their life growing up.
2. Piss off /get back at Black men.
3. Curiosity/Fetish about White men
4. Desire to have lighter skinned kids, daughters with 'good hair'.
5. Social mobility, white bf or husband is moving up socially.
6. Psychological disdain for their color, culture. "

On a sidenote, you may ask why even talk to him RCNAL? For me I get to hear the right wing arguments and know what their talking points are and counter them. I learned a lot in how to not get gaslighted. Some things come down to 'I'm white and I say so'.

Also, his engineering Black engineering friend grew up in a Boule` family. He went to private school, both parents educated, well off, and he went to Southern undergrad because he didn't feel connected to the black community enough. According to the white guy his friend who he says is good looking but you'd think was possibly white on the phone said his experience at Southern sucked. Black women weren't dating him. He was majoring in Engineering, great grades, mostly A's, but the frat guys and athletes had all the women and surprisingly enough dope boys!. Said they came to the parties, and women were hooking up with them big time.

He knew a few girls from growing up, great families, and they were dating the 'Alpha' males, athletes, etc. According to him, people went to Southern University for black culture and to party. They went to Tulane for the education, LSU for both.

So, this made a huge impact on him. Sisters are tryna holla at him as he got his masters in Engineering. He makes well over 6 figures and some of the same women he knew from school are trying to holla at him hard. He said he went away for the weekend and one girl literally slept in her car not knowing he left for a weekend, but thought he was with another girl and stayed outside his place. Not a ratchet, but a "good" girl from a decent family. Some of the boule` families only marry within their social class.

So he dates but doesn't want to get married.

It really made a big impact on him.

Black-Owned Business Review / Mr. B's Bakery / New Orleans

My very own Black-Owned Business Review. Visited Mr. B's Bakery, in New Orleans, LA. Outstanding service, great fact too good. Like & Share to help promote Black Owned Businesses in our communities.

This series is coming to a Black Owned Business near you.....soon.

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Karen Hunter & ADOS' Yvette Carnell

Tariq mentioned her very recently as someone who was criticizing him. She didn't say his name implicitly but it was obvious who she was referring to.

I think Yvette Carnell's heart is in the right place, I just disagree with the strategy. I didn't hear solutions. I didn't hear if Biden doesn't acquiesce to our demands what are the consequences. She fell short of we aren't voting. Maybe its down balloting, it was briefly mentioned. I'd like to hear what she recommends if Biden doesn't support reparations and reparative justice and protections for blacks in America.

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