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Passport Bros; Modern Women; And How I Agree With Jason Black

I have always viewed the whole Passport Bros thing as just a bad talking point that people online are using to increase their clicks and views. It seems since Kevin Samuels blew up and got rich talking about "Modern women etc." that everyone has been trying to find their place in that bowl of money.

I just see it as a false narrative and problem.

There are some 167.5 million women in the United States. Now we are going to have to narrow that based on several factors. First you'll narrow based on attractiveness and being fit and in shape. Statistics put around 42% of the total population as being obese. Now that is a substantial amount but that includes everyone including males. Next you will have to narrow on attractiveness. That is a subjective matter so it just depends on an individuals tastes and standards as to how much that narrows the numbers.

So even with that large narrowing you are still in the very high millions of women available. Once you start narrowing by race, height, etc the number becomes smaller and smaller. If you are trying to land a straight up 10 or even a 9 your number is even smaller and maybe even small to a point of unrealism unless you either have a lot of money or are very aesthetically attractive. That's what a lot of these passport bros don't understand.

Now we get to realism and actuality. Just like men have preferences and ideals on what they want and expect so do women. And that is fair. So with that being the case there are just some women that are going to be out of your league. That could be because of looks. It could be because you finance aren't up to par. It could be you aren't fit enough. Whatever the case the woman has decided you aren't what she wants.

Now there are going to be women that are more open and some of those things may not matter. As a man you have to find one that is within your realm to be able to get.

We're not all going to end up with women that are supermodels. We're not all going to land a 10. That is totally unrealistic. We have to get used to finding value in women other than their looks. Otherwise you are looking for a 10 that may never come to fruition.

Another issue is online dating. Women, especially the very attractive ones are getting their inbox flooded by men all day everyday. So they have their pick of the litter. Unless you are very aesthetically attractive online dating isn't going to work. A lot of guys don't think like that.

A lot of these guys just don't have the confidence, game and ability to get women here state side so they are literally flying thousands of miles for sexual access just like Jason Black pointed out.

I refuse to believe that it is that someone absolutely can't find a woman that is friendly, submissive and at least fairly attractive here. I believe that either the guy doesn't have the confidence to approach women in person and is dependent solely on online dating and that hasn't worked so they gave up. They are so afraid of being turned down in person that they don't approach women in person.

Actuality is all men have what I have dubbed as a percentage. By that I mean dependent upon you looks aesthetically, finances, and personality you have a certain percent of women that will talk to you and give you a shot. Me and a friend literally tested this theory. For a period of a month we approached women and made friendly conversation to see if we could get their phone number or et them to agree to a coffee or lunch date.

My outcome was around 40%. For every 10 women or so that I spoke with 3/4 would show interest. That meant I was going to get shot down between 6-7 times for every 10. But the numbers were consistent, I never asked 10 and got less than 3 or 4 over the entire course of the month.

My friends numbers were a bit higher. His were around 60%. For every 10 he would get 5/6 interested. Same with him though the numbers stayed consistent. Now I don't think his numbers were higher because he was far more attractive or anything. I think it had a bit to do with him being Hispanics and us being in a predominately Hispanics city.

I think if we were in Atlanta the numbers would have been reversed. Can't say for sure but just my theory.

So based on that if you have the confidence, know how to talk to and respectfully approach women and can get over a few rejections then you can find a woman to talk to you.

Again though you can't just approach all 10s or you rejection rate is going to decrease. When I did that my numbers dropped to around 10%. My friends numbers dropped to about 10% as well.

These super attractive women know their looks are currency so they are going to be far more selective. However as long as me and my friend stayed with talking to women between 6-8.5 that were attractive but not supermodel attractive our numbers stayed high.

I like Jason Black think these passport bros are just a bunch of simps that want a 10 but can't land one and are going overseas and paying for sex. They aren't getting married in droves or we'd hear more about that. They are just paying for p*ssy. They just feel the women there are so much more attractive because they are foreign when the reality is they are average looking chicks that are just exotic. All exotic means if different just like Jason Black said.

So while I disagree with Jason's delivery of the message, I agree with the message itself.

So now I am going to address the other side of it.....

Modern women. My take from a lot of these dudes is that they mean black women but can't say that because it is too politically incorrect, so they just say modern women instead. Nevertheless as I said there are lots of women available here in the U.S. You just have to find where you fit into those available.

Now a lot of the women you see online talking all crazy have the same issue. They want a man that is 6 foot tall, makes 6 figures, has a 6 pack and drives a Mercedes or BMW. These are things that aren't realistic. Even they know that deep down. There are WWE wrestlers that will meet every one of those except maybe one. There are those wrestlers that aren't 6 foot. Those that don't have a 6 pack. The same is true for NBA and NFL players. Do you think those women would turn these men down because they don't have a 6 pack or aren't tall enough? Of course not.

Because they are after the bag and they will overlook that one thing for a guy who is wealthy enough. But for the average guy they aren't going to overlook it. Even if you are making say $110k they aren't going to overlook severe obesity but if you up that to being a millionaire they'll overlook it.

These aren't "modern women" they are gold diggers and passport bros are trying to make it as if all women are like this. That's simply not true. Most women just want a man who has himself together, is friendly, in good shape and pleasant to be around. They may even want you to be funny, smart or something like that. However most women aren't going around saying a guy has to make 6 figures, drive a certain car, be a certain height and stuff like that.

They do have demands but those demands are generally reasonable. However you can't be a guy who doesn't have himself together and expect women to just accept mediocrity. Especially the more attractive women.

That's my take. I think these passport bros are just traveling simps!

Black women need to stop this‼️

I wish Black women would stop sleeping around with men so they can receive benefits. It’s not appealing nor is it helping the Black community. Women are the biggest manipulators. They use their femininity and sexuality to get whatever they want out of men. I never did and never will co-sign this behavior.

A Black woman called up on Kendra G’s IG live an hour after she had sex with a man. This woman is on there to look for men (who are most likely looking for relationships) to inbox her so she can get “flewed out”. That person isn’t in a formal relationship with the man she is screwing. They are just sexual partners, nothing more. This is all weird to me. I have to remember that not all women and men want commitment. But damn. If you having sex with a man for money, groceries, vacations, etc, then most likely you’re a prostitute.
We know about the passport bros, let’s also address the passport ho’s.
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What I Have Learned Working Around Whites In New York City

Marcus Garvey was a great leader. But he forgot the thing that made Jamaicans, Jamaican… sending assassins in the middle of the night to murder the opposition…white people. If he had done that Black America would be in a better state today! #IMournBlackWallStreet

Blacks in Corporate America

There are many exceptions to the rules, but the general trend is, blacks who thrive in corporate America are the blacks who like to have sex with white people, and/or they are the black people who were not given a favorable hand genetically. For example, the ugly, bad hygiene, bulky, big-boned, black woman who hates other blacks because she has never been desired or accepted in high school (or in any part of her life) due to her shrek like awkward appearance or some other social incompetency. These are the women you always see hanging out with white women, stroking white women’s egos saying crazy statements like, “I wish I was white” or “I wish I had your hair” or “You are so perfect” to a white woman. These Black women see nothing wrong with these statements because in their minds, they have formed such a good rapport with these whites, that they are now BFFs and the lines of race, (in these black women’s minds), no longer exist between them and white women. These Black women see only ugly black woman and gifted, pretty, white woman. These unaware (un-woke) socially disconnected Black women, talk about their distorted views to white women about how white women are so much better and smarter than black women, without realizing how these weird white folks’ psychotic minds, actually operate. Becky will run with these ideas and normalize in her white mind that black is ugly because black women keeps saying it. In my eyes, these black women have no self-esteem, are damaged, and are pathetic. But what happens when Becky and Bob come across an attractive, sane, emotionally well-balanced black woman? White people’s brains over-heat, steam comes out their ears, and they spontaneously combust! I will talk about it later. Now, let’s talk about the Black male in corporate America. Black men who have flaws that makes him feel inferior or rejected by his own people, causes him anger and/or depression throws himself into his work in order to achieve success so he will never feel or look like a failure again. This mastery of his skill and success brings him into the level of Corporate White America. Both of these black men and women careers were fueled by hate. This hate for their own black race helps them to share a commonality with the whites already in corporate America. These blacks, though successful, leave absolutely nothing for other blacks in corporate America. No open doors and no helping hands. These blacks are loosers and whimps, and just like they were getting their ass beat and feelings hurt in childhood, they need to continue to get their feelings hurt and ass beat because they are garbage for holding back the black race due to their inferiority.

New Blacks in Corporate America

There is another emerging and prominent type of blacks who also destroy any opportunity for future black presence in corporate America and that is the foreign black. This type of black is from another country, came to America, does not know American history, does not care to learn American History or understand the plight of blacks from this country who had endured the oppression and suppression by the hands of the American whites. These blacks are holier-than-thou, lack critical thinking skills (they do not understand white passive-aggression or the sneaky ways of white people), they cannot identify white people fakeness, and are extremely self-serving. They last in white America because they are willing to do all white people’s work (which is fine there is nothing wrong with being hard-working especially if you love what you do). They only get properly compensated and promoted if they ask the right white. That white is usually a part of the 0.00000000005% of the entire white race that actually has a conscious. What these blacks fail to understand is that no matter how much work they put in, how great they seem to be, white power will always trump them. They could be the best of what they do, but all that is needed is for the powerful white guy to give another white person the position or compensation that they are seeking. Not all whites are on the same page. So if that foreign black is looking for a certain goal, another white can come by and cock-block their entire path just for the hell of it.

The JOKE that are Young White “Professionals” LOL

These particular groups of blacks will witness whites bring in their unruly, vastly immature off-spring into the firm and completely harass hard-working career-oriented young black professionals. These embittered blacks will relish at the site of the white’s shitty off-spring playing practical jokes and sabotaging serious young black professionals and will not care. Most of the time these young white “professionals” do not have the skill needed for the positions they are assuming and will zero in and target the young black professional with pure harassment, tricks, and antagonization.

I believe George Bush Jr. started this trend of, “Bring Your Idiot to Work”. White people saw that one of their kids was not the smartest of the bunch and decided to pay their child’s way into the higher learning. To them it was, “To hell with the sanctimony of academia! To hell with the quality and qualifications of the future leaders of our nation!” That is why this nation is experiencing chaos. Many individuals in these positions of leadership truly do not have a passion for higher learning, education, problem solving, because that is what would have gotten them there in the first place, and not their parents’ money.

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The Official GYBAITGDHRNBIBYMFA Meaning T-Shirt


I ran into this gentleman by mere coincidence.

I think this was by far the best live stream of 2022. It's a long listen but definitely worth it.

A lot of it is opinion but I couldn't find very much if any fault with what he was saying and it's highly informative.

If you have the time give it a listen. 👂

Changed my thought process a lot!

6Zeros Is My Home!!

After hopping back on Twitter because my brother asked me to, I've noticed that the energy is way off. The constant drumbeat of talking about tethers & illegals has really done nothing but raise blood pressures. People are clicked up into factions & it all sounds very familiar to me. They sound like Civil Rights groups in the 21st century on social media. Bickering & arguing over mundane silliness. 6Zeros is the total opposite of the toxic environment on Twitter. I can troll & argue with the best of them,but why should I have too?

Heauxs Times 2🤣🏀😂

I bet their teammates really love these two. 😂
I can just imagine the conversations between their agents and them:
’Girls, your follower numbers are not growing fast enough. Next game, at half time, change your uniform shorts to the real shorts ones I sent you!”

A Sign If You Can Trust A Man To Lead…

If he can’t plan a date with you then how is he going to plan a life with you, sis?

What are your thoughts

Snow Monkey Republican Rep Proposes Hanging As Punishment

Learn self defense, protect yourself and watch your surroundings. The dog whistles are getting louder, yet many of us choose to ignore it!

Tiger Woods Sad Asf…

Tiger Woods ex-bartender ex-gf is suing to annul the #NDA she signed so she can sell details about their relationship to the highest bidder.
Cablinasian Tiger never will learn about hooking up with these yt golddiggers.😂🤣😂

I'm not Black but I'm ---------

The Spanish did the best job with Blacks. Trip thing is a lot of instances in NYC, Philly, NJ that area, a lot of the Latina women, Puerto Rican and Dominican specifically be choosing brothas heavily and by Brothas I mean Black identifying and clearly black irregardless of lineage.

I am happy to see the day coming slowly of you having to choose or lose. If you try to hang on to other ethnicities and races, then stay over there. White people will tell you are different if you are black latino, west Indian, mixed until you over step boundries (Meghan Markle).

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Flying (First Class) While Black

10 sisters flew first class and white people had a hissy fit. I use various means to upgrade to business or first class when I can. Certain credit cards are great for travel points. I also join every single frequent flier club I can. Domestic flights I get upgraded on, and it depends on a few different circumstances, I will be asked a staff member if they can see my ticket. Not the 50 year old white man next to me, but mine only. I don't make a fuss but my look is clear.: Really? and now that you've seen it 'F*ck you, yes, I'm in business class'.

I flew from LA to Miami business class a year ago using my travel points. And it gives you access to the lounge (American Air) and sure enough chick asks to look at my check in and not other white folks. I don't dress in sweat pants when I travel. I dress business casual usually or some thing that is understated but quality.

I rarely get this abroad. I got it once by some chick from a 3rd world country who was at the area for business class. This was a country where they rarely see African Americans and almost always native Africans. One or two of the others kinda gave me the side eye, but one thing in society, especially abroad, you can size up someone's status by how they dress, how they carry themselves and possibly their language or accent. I have an earring in my left air, 2 silver bracelets and a silver ring on each hand. Immediately people know I'm not native African, I've been told blacks from America have a certain swag, confident. I've heard Africans say this that only Nigerians from the Ibo tribe have anything similar in swag. Thing is in America, I'd be just another brotha, maybe even seen as beta (although I think I'm sigma...haha).

One more thing about white people. Their measuring stick of how they are doing in society is partially based on us. If black folks are where they are, they aren't doing well enough. When I'm in business class or first class I often get some white man, not many white women but usually a 40 plus year old white man tryna make small talk and ask what I do. It's usually 1 or 2 small talk questions prior (I hear its raining in Miami hope we land on time or Business or pleasure bringing you to Miami?). They do this to get an explanation of how the f*ck this n*gger is in my upper middle class white space. If its not rapper/entertainer/athlete, even drug dealer (and that's the exception) he's tight. I don't tell them shyt or tell them something to make his face get tighter: "I'm an investor" "I'm semi retired", "Business owner", these answers when other white people say it to each other is coded speech for 'none of your motha effen business'. But with Black people they will not let it slide. "So, what type of business are you in?' "Semi retired from what?' and I also trade in forex (not tryna flex, really) but sometimes I have a position open and need wifi and its on while I'm in line and seated and when white men see that? They lose their f*cking minds. How is this black bastard knowing about forex, trading? I always answer if they see it and ask a question "I dabble" which is a trigger. It can be true or it can be nah, this mofo is making bank.

Since blacks have been in America and poor white indentured servants were told they will always be above blacks 400 years ago, white folks have always measured how they are doing against how we are doing. A lot of articles about people, like Robert Smith is really white folks saying 'Y'all see this? A non athlete or entertainer (Jay Z, Oprah) has billions?! We gotta get on code about them in this shyt.

I've seen first hand white people, take less money so that you don't make money. Happened to Tariq with the original site for the museum. They literally took less money in a loan that more money in cash. I know a guy who was investing in a property and had it done via his lawyer and realtor and at closing he had to sign. When this white man saw it was a black man, he just said "I can't do it' and walked out. No given explanation but the point was very clear to the others there.

One of the reasons reparations for FBA will be fought tooth and nail by whites is that it will move too many of us not only to their level but some above. The reason why many immigrants, Latino, Persians, some foreign Blacks, etc, will fight it is because they were unofficially given code that they are the buffers in class above blacks and they fear if blacks get too much money than they are they will be the new 'n*ggers'.

It's some deep shyt.

Super Mario Brothers Final Trailer Releases

The decision to go full CGI was a great one. I love the new Sonic movies but the human parts are the worst parts. Nintendo was smart and didn’t add any of that to take us away from the Mushroom Kingdom.

4 Black Folk Kidnapped In Mexico, 2 Dead 2 Returned

A few Black Americans went to Mexico, for lost, ended up in the wrong hood, and we’re kidnapped. Two we’re found dead and two have made it back.

Revolution_2 just got ganked out there too. Stay safe my people.

Latino Politicians Compare Border Crisis To Civil Rights!!

The Biden administration this week unveiled a possible plan to open detention centers for illegal migrants. Many Democrats, including Bob Menedes of New Jersey said something very interesting. See below. Latinos always want to compare their hazing by white people to the experience of Black Americans here in America. It's dishonest and disgusting.


What Do You Think About The Dead Internet Theory?

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"Large proportions of the supposedly human-produced content on the internet are actually generated by artificial intelligence networks in conjunction with paid secret media influencers in order to manufacture consumers for an increasing range of newly-normalised cultural products."​

I wouldn't be surprised tbh. I mean, some posters on this forum seems like they are robots always parroting the same subjects every day.

American Greed-Preaching Pyramid Schemes

A couple living in Texas, Marlon and LaShonda Moore, scammed other Black American people out of millions starting in the summer of 2020 using an illegal pyramid scheme. They created a circle (BINT: blessings in no time) to recruit Black people throughout the country to invest their money (even stimulus money) into the organization. Investors sent thousands of dollars expecting to receive more money back. It eventually caught on to them that they became victims of fraud when receiving no returns. The Moores did not send people refunds as requested. The couple continued to lie and scam. Has anyone one on here heard about this ? I’m just finding out. Prosper Couple Accused of Scamming Thousands Appears in Court

Here is the pyramid scheme chart on the website with an explanation. Blessings in No Time: A blessing – or a pyramid scheme?
I am spooked out because I was almost caught in one of these and actually set up a powerpoint to illustrate it. It’s still in my Google drive. How it goes is new recruiters start in the fire position. When they invest money, they move to next position. Then the person puts in more money moving up to the earth and finally water. I became hooked under pro blackness. Good thing I didn’t send any money for this. Black people need to stop preying on their own for money.

What pisses me off is the Texas couple scammed a people who are at the bottom in economics and are literal targets of anti-black racism. I hope and pray that the Moores get punished for their evil doings. The victims deserve justice including winning their lawsuits and being repaid.
“All skin folk ain’t kin folk.”- Zora Neale Hurston

Don’t Be Fooled By Bird App!

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You can’t tell me this ain’t hilarious. That Italian dude all these so called Pro-Blacks were pushing hard on Twitter lost to a dude with 12 followers.


You can’t win a race in a twitter space.

Retweets do not mean an endorsement, they also don’t mean jack shit at all.

Niggas running races in Willamore, ME talking to a crowd of people that can’t even vote for them.

UPCOMING: March 8, 2023 @8pm

I truly enjoy listening to this content creator. Extremely knowledgeable & can back up all his research & tell us where to find it. Check him out, you'll NEVER be disappointed!

AOC Doesn’t Pay Her Bills

Pelosi will slide through with the pimp hand again and get to the straightening.

FFXVI Is 100% Action, No Turn-Based Elements At All

I thought they were going to build upon what the built with FF7R but it looks like that's over. I hope it doesn't remove the strategic elements that the ATB system had. If it's like God of War I'll be happy but darn I really liked the blend of action and turn-based in the the last two games.

Also there isn't an open world either which I'm happy about. Open world is trash most of the time.

The Purpose Of Western Nations Wanting To Force Kenya & Uganda To Accept LGBTQ

Phillip Scott reports on the recent uproar in Kenya after their Supreme Court allowed openly LGBTQ groups to register their NGO or business in Kenya.


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