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Is The Downfall Of Sean Combs Here? Have The Chickens Come Home To Roost?

So Cassie just drop kicked this closet rainbow nigga in court. Among the accusations are physical abuse, sex trafficking and rape. Including incidents where he pulled her hair out because she threatened to leave him so she shaved her hair to make up for it. Then another incident where he forced her to get ran through by a bunch of male prostitutes. Also, he offered her an 8 figure hush money arrangement and she said no.

We all knew when that nigga started giving everybody back their publishing some shit about him wasn't going to be too far behind.

Here's the story from CNN but this was originally reported by New York Times.

I don't know about you but, my popcorn is salted, buttered and I'm ready for THIS!! This nigga BEEN needed to get told about!!

How Much Time You Spend Watching Stuff Throughout The Week?

In terms of both TV and movies. I am curious.

I don't seem to watch as much as anyone else. It seems like people are watching an average of 3.5 hours of TV a day and I average like 45 min a day. I just get bored sitting still too long not doing anything.

How much time you spend watching stuff throughout the week?

Sixer Bruh Puts Thor's Hammer In His Mouth & Swallows Every Drop

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Congrats to Badlands Chugs for winning another competitive eating contest on July 4th, but it might be time for breh to slow down.
Drinking a whole gallon of soda in one sitting is WILD!

Anti Black Covenant Deeds Still Literally Exist

Lisa Cabrera shines light on this problem that is still in effect. Last year the Ann Arbor news did a story how none white families are still on many properties to this day.
Our black politicians are of no help solving this since most were paid to look the other way and not to cause problems for HOA’s or builders of these homes.

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ATTENTION BLACK BUSINESS OWNERS: You May Have To Pay $500 Per Day To Maintain Your LLC Starting January 2024.

You can thank Jim Crow Joe Biden and his Admin for allowing this to happen.

The Corporate Transparency Act is bringing about these unreasonable changes.

Your LLC will now cost you $500 per day starting in January 2024
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Draymond Green, Angel Reese, Shakur Stevenson And More...

Draymond Green is once again in the spotlight for his on-court fisticuffs while Angel Reese is off the court due to her GPA. What's going on in the world of sports? Yadabear and rm dest give us their unfiltered opinion. Make sure you watch them tonight at 8:15PM ET on Down and In Sports Talk.

Here You Go, Black Trump Supporters

A new study suggests that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and subsequent victory in 2016 had a polarizing effect on the racial attitudes of white Americans, particularly in their views towards Black people. Those who viewed Trump favorably before the election were found to rate Black people as less “evolved” in the post-election survey. Conversely, those who had unfavorable views of Trump rated Black people as more evolved after the election.

"Yes indeed, family!"

GTA 6 Trailer Dropping At The Beginning Of December

I don't know about ya'll but I am so curious about this game. They been working on it since like 2016 from what I understand. Everything that has been leaked and shared about it makes me think this is going to be considered the highest rated and selling game in history for various reasons. Anyone else interested in seeing the trailer and plan on getting the game when it drops?

Dr. Umar: "Hip Hop Is White Supremacy. Rappers Push Death And Destruction On Kids."

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Let's say Dr. Umar is a thief & a scammer. Let's put rapist, pedophile, fraudster, & murderer on his jacket, too. He's the worst of the worst.
How does any of that nullify what he said about the white supremacist agenda? Damn who the messenger is, don't miss out on the message. Even if he has been lying about his school, he was speaking straight facts about our culture being co-opted and weaponized.

Anyone Still Playing RDO?

I was playing GTA Online again and already lost interest. I am just not feeling it anymore. I guess I did everything I wanted and now everything just feels like it is on repeat. I have not played Red Dead Online though. I don't know if it is still active or not either. I am considering it though. I might wait and see if it gets added to game pass.

Any of ya'll play it? Is it any good?

Stream Deck OLED Is On Point

I’m happy that Valve didn’t go the Nintendo route and just add an OLED. They improved the analog sticks, added more storage, and better battery life.

If you were on the fence it may be time to jump in I think they’re in this for the long haul.

Insurgency: Sandstorm

Anyone here play this?

I am looking for a CoD replacement. I wanna play a FPS online game but I ain't buying CoD games no more until they fix them and stop being lazy. I think they plan on putting older titles on Game Pass next year sometimes after March so I will play the ones I like online again.

Anyways, I am curious about this game. It looks like CoD but how is it? It came out in 2018 so idk if it is even still bumping online or not.