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  1. The Haze Of Our Lives

    118 American Politicians Are Found To Be Descenda

    Descendants of Slavemasters #CutTheCheck⚡️✊🏾⚡️
  2. ART

    Survey: Most Californians Don't Support Reparations Payments For Black Residents

    ...the plantation are gonna bootlick regardless. The debt is still overdue and unpaid. It was even promised to us in writing. Black Americans are not just the builders, but also the creditors while the US Government and other entities are the debtors. All day it is still #CutTheBS #CutTheCheck.
  3. ART

    The CEO Of Chik-Fil-A Says...

    Dan Cathy, you can keep this patronizing, insulting, virtue signaling BS and shove it up your hole. Give me money for new shoes, bootstraps, and everything that I and my ancestors were robbed of. #cutthebabble #CutTheBullshit #CutTheCheck
  4. ART

    Gov. Gavin Newsom Of CALIFORNIA Is Against Cash Reparations.

    ...controlled opposition is very real out here in these streets. We need to peep and learn the con game these politicians are playing and be very discerning while being cautiously optimistic. We have to call these politicians out on their BS when we see it and smell it. #CutTheBullshit...
  5. ART

    Annoying White Female Karen Tries To Colonize And Undermine OUR REPARATIONS DISCUSSION.

    Natalie Jean Beisner Throws Her Raggedy Two Cents Into OUR Reparations Discussion **FULL BREAKDOWN** #cutthebabble #CutTheBullshit #CutTheCheck
  6. ZxBro

    Reparations Talk Is Changing How We Think

    ...Amerikkka owes and there should be NO stipulations put on those who are owed. They didn't do it with the Indians/Japanese/Jews/ 911survivors Ukraine and various other immigrant groups so it shouldn't apply to us. #CutTheCheck By the way how come the Jews or Israel wasn't mentioned in the article?
  7. ART

    Out Of The Mouth Of A Traitor....

    ...and the NYC Subway murderer Daniel Penny all the way to the reactions against reparations. No matter how disgusting, this. is. good. #KnowYourEnemy Act accordingly. No more accepting of excuses. No more protections for traitors. #VoteHisAssOUT #cutthebabble #CutTheBullshit #CutTheCheck
  8. ART

    Daniel Penny And Daniel Perry. Different Individuals, Same Racist Attacks.

    ...(Daniel) and almost the same exact last name (Penny/Perry truly let's us know just how dangerously virulent and commonplace anti-Black racism and hatred are within the white society. We are in a State of Emergency. #RacismIsTheRealPandemic #RacismIsCancer #PunishAntiBlackRacists #CutTheCheck
  9. ART

    Black Folks Discussing Reparations With Them Folks Is A Complete Waste Of Our Time

    Black Folks Discussing Reparations With Them Folks Is A Complete Waste Of Our Time No more useless conversations and proposals. They need to speak in dollars and ask us where to direct deposit our cash reparations checks. #CutTheCheck
  10. ART

    BREAKING NEWS! Donald Trump Promises To Pay Reparations

    Oh really? Fûck Donald Trump and any other anti-Black racist. NOBODY 2024. STAY AT HOME 2024. STAY WOKE 2024. NO VOTE 2024. #CutTheBullshit #CutTheCheck
  11. ZxBro

    Dr. Phil Opposes Cash Reparations. Oprah Winfrey Needs To Come Get Her White Man.

    If they haven't spoken on Israel or Ukraine then they need to shut the fuck up about Black People and Our Republicans. #CutTheCheck
  12. ART

    Dr. Phil Opposes Cash Reparations. Oprah Winfrey Needs To Come Get Her White Man.

    ...He is cracking up and out of control. He has truly lost his damned white privileged ass mind. He must've caught what Hershel Walker has and is letting his casually racist alter ego out. He needs to focus on his specialty which is psychology and stay out of Black people's affairs. #CutTheCheck
  13. ART

    This Is An Absolutely Disgusting, Unforgivable And Despicable Photo Op. the articles is reparations even mentioned. What a way to try to spin and get ahead of the narrative with this type of gross virtue signaling. We need Reparations Cash, not Reparations Hugs. #CutTheCheck This is the cursed image of the reunion from the article:
  14. ZxBro

    Colombian Immigrant Says White Northerners Deserve Reparations For The Civil War

    If the Dummy knew Amerikkkan history he would know that the white slave masters got reparations after the Civil War granted by President Andrew Johnson now it's Our turn #CutTheCheck!!!
  15. Terrymist

    Royal Introspection On Historic Colonial Slavery

    ...and it has been held by the British monarchy ever since. All that to say what would be the purpose of the commission when the monarchy has stolen loot staring them in the face. They have built their wealth on ill gotten gains, and yet they want to be disingenuous with a commission. #CutTheCheck
  16. ZxBro

    Royal Introspection On Historic Colonial Slavery

    If they want to impress me give all of t he land back that they've stolen or start cutting checks to the areas they've colonized. They can Keep their hollow apologies and #CutTheCheck !!!! That goes for the Vatican Too!!!
  17. The Haze Of Our Lives

    We On The Map Y'all!!

    More pandering BS. #CutTheCheck
  18. josiah starr

    Ed Reed & HBCU's for HBCUs in Black Empowerment, but it has to come behind developing a code of conduct and BUILDING a economy. Otherwise....ppl like Ed Reed will try to reach back and continue to find corrupt sewers like Bethune-Cookman. God Bless. #NoReparationsNoVote #CutTheCheck...
  19. The Haze Of Our Lives

    Does Africa Owe Black Americans Reparations?

    YES!!! They never sent for us nor offered citizenship so #CutTheCheck
  20. The Haze Of Our Lives

    Apologies for slavery from...the Dutch?

    Ok kool. Now all they need to do is #CutTheCheck, #NoTaxingBlackDutch and #GrantLandAndCitizenship.