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  1. Revolution_2

    Democrats Back At The It With The Low Hanging Fruit

    Joe Biden and his minions are going to stop playin' with the paper and the land! #ReparationsIsADebtOwed #ReparationsNow #NoTangiblesNoVote #FBA #CutTheCheck...
  2. Revolution_2

    We Are The Culture!!!!!

    This is how I walk away when Busta Rhymes says we as #FBA don't have no culture. Our culture is everywhere! We are the culture!
  3. Revolution_2

    Mayor Brandon Johnson Continues To Get That Work was only affecting Foundational Black Chicagoans. Those brothers and sisters led the charge because it had been forced on them and all of us FBAs since the beginning. Everyone else went about their business, until it hit their front doorstep. Wonder why the rent is so high? It's because...
  4. Revolution_2

    Asians, Have Fun Fighting This One On Your Own!

    ...Asians fought against and ultimately ended affirmative action (something WE fought and died for) and now they're crying foul when it goes against them. Oh well, hold your own nuts baby! BTW, what happened to all that Asian hate stuff... #deliniation #aboriginalamerican #FBA #couch2024
  5. Revolution_2

    Since We Have No Friends, We Stand Alone And I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way!

    For everyone that wants to say they helped us fight, or helped us create cultures, look at this picture and tell me what you see! #FBA is all I see!!!!
  6. Blackgravity

    A San Jose Man Allegedly Shot An Unarmed Black Airbnb Guest Who Was Walking To The Grocery Store

    ...times so you can return to sender. Black people, anytime you step foot out in public, you are in enemy territory. Period. Think and act like it. #FBA #B1 #blackfirst #wakeup #weareatwar #StayOnCode...
  7. ArutisuseRun

    Arutisuse Run 🇺🇲🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♀️

    ...& IN PERSON, will receive official: finisher certificate to recognize your completion of the 1st Annual #ArutisuseRun, medal, t-shirt, finisher photo & access to post results on the event page. Register ASAP to receive your gear in time to share results with the family! #Arutisuse #FBA...
  8. Blackgravity

    Lord Jamar On The Violence In Rap And Whether Hip Hop Owes Reparations To The Black Community

    If I'm correct, he's not #FBA. His allegiance is suspect. I like Lord too, kinda weird to hear him say something like this.
  9. ArutisuseRun

    Arutisuse Run sharing our Black Friday Sale

    🗣️Black Friday SALE 30% off virtual (from anywhere) & in-person participation using coupon code 1526! Register ASAP to receive your gear in time to post your results with the family! 🇺🇲🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♀️ #ArutisuseRun #Arutisuse #FBA
  10. Djsegwon

    Congratulations to 6zeros

    Big ups to @6zeros , support #blackmedia #blackamericannetwork #BlackAmericans #Freedmen #ados #FBA #negros
  11. Blackgravity

    Beatzillapdx Official is locked in ✊🏿👑

    What's good Family ✊🏾 glad you made it over. Another #PDX #FBA #B1 on the board!
  12. Yuskii

    Anybody heard of Tutnese?

    ...within the Tutanese language, because it develops better social bonds among eachother (Specifically ethnically African American individuals #FBA). I believe that the Tutanese language is solely a language game as of current conditions, but I think that it could eventually become its own...
  13. Princess El-Bey


    ...people. 💥Do some equal research for once. Both parties have their sins but the GOP! FOUNDATIONAL WHITE COLONIZING THIEVES. Why do you think #FBA are seeking Reparations? and why do you know it’s ONLY the Democrats trying to help FBA get said Reparations? PLEASE MAKE A PAYMENT OF ATTENTION...
  14. Blackgravity

    One of a kind

    Had to get these hooked up, I will be getting a few more, different colors. #B1 #FBA ✊🏾
  15. Tank3245

    Like I Said, TBA is Fine

    Bruuuuuuuuuhhhh get out ya feelings and keep doing the work, because you misinterpreting what I'm saying, you're wasting time on handling real business. Good day sir #B1 #FBA
  16. Tank3245

    Where is Jason Black?

    ...I don't know what he's doing exactly but I'm not going to wish the worst for him either. Damn maybe just maybe he had to unplug from us. Because niggas on the internet can be draining. I'm pretty sure he's going to appreciate all the love and concern us grassroots has for him. #B1...
  17. Tank3245

    Where is Jason Black?

    Understand ppl, he's ok I just assume he's just protecting himself from hurricane Ian, let's be clear because of these "secure the clout" agents this has mobilize us Grassroots like never before because we're all on code. Stay vigilant #B1Eternally #WeAreTheBlackMedia #FBA
  18. ART

    How MTV #VMA performers are STEALING #FBA CULTURE

    How MTV #VMA performers are STEALING #FBA CULTURE View:
  19. Blackgravity

    How many pairs of shoes is an average amount?

    ...thing, I like shoes but not to the point where I would spend 700 on a pair of collector jordans or anything like that. I do notice though, #FBA women and men love to own hella shoes, why? I have about 15 pairs of shoes, I don't know if that's too many or average, what's the average amount to...
  20. Blackgravity

    Can independent artists ever fix this mess?

    As long as white people have their hands in our music and culture... It will always be garbage. Period. #GateKeepers #B1 #FBA