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An FBA person was thrown out of Reparations Panel after caling out Shelia Jackson Lee

PUNK AZZ security ESCORTED OUR SIS OUT #ReparationsPanel after she tried to address SheilaJacksonLee
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“I would like to know, why is there A STUDY FOR US, but it’s not a STUDY FOR ANYBODY ELSE! The Ukrainians 🇬🇧 got their MONEY, #StopAsianHate got their money!” 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 SECURITY JUST ESCORTED OUR SISTA @ProBioticKWEEN OUT the Memphis #ReparationsPanel today after she tried to address Rep. #SheilaJacksonLee‼️ @The Black Authority @Tariq Radio @Prof BlackTruth

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Poll: Over 50 percent of Americans expect a civil war 'in the next few years'

More than half of Americans expect that a civil war will erupt in the United States sometime in the near future, according to a study designed by a group of academics associated with the University of California Davis Violence Prevention Research Program and the California Firearm Violence Research Center.

When asked to respond to the statement "In the next few years, there will be a civil war in the United States," 47.8 percent of respondents chose "Do not agree." 36.4 percent said they "somewhat" agreed with the statement, 8.4 percent agreed "strongly," and 5.3 percent agreed "very strongly." The remaining 2.1 percent chose not to respond.

Are you ready to defend your home and family? This will happen at some point, don't delude yourself.

Moon Landing - Fact or Fiction?

Since we have a flat earth thread, why not a moon landing one?

So this is something that I never fully believed. I am not sure why. Like I believe people been in space but never far enough to be on the moon. The temperature changes alone make me question that. If you look back at the suits and things they used, those mf'ers were using TAPE and PLASTIC for 80% of their getup. I just can't see those old suits protecting them in space where it is beyond freezing cold.

So let's talk about it. Do you believe the moon landing happened?

High Profile Blacks Meet for a Racism Summit

This is all cap. DL Hughley and Anthony Anderson mean well. They all know who Dr. Claud Anderson, Tariq and TBA are and the fact they kept it kinda boule`, only celebs, and no one from the grassroots, tells me its on some bullshit. No solutions, just 'see, we met up, we are woke' kinda bullshit.

Are we really getting Trump and Biden again?

Trump announced that he is running without saying he is running.

Biden and several people around him have already said he is going to go for a second term.


Like I expected Trump to run again and as much as I don't like him, if he can fix the economy, I will suffer through a few more years of his nonsense but Biden is beyond gone. The dude was just on stage the other day shaking a hand that wasn't even there. The fact that he is still the sitting president now is a JOKE. This just shows us how little the government thinks of us.

What other options are going to be on the table at this point? Hillary? LOL usher laugh

This Racist Latino Cop Continues To Prove There Is No Black & Brown Coalition

Uncle Phil - Race Soldier Continue To Prove There Is No Black & Brown Coalition

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Peep how this anti-Black racist, POS, soulless, aggressive, dark white Hispanic male cop was gaslighting the young Black girl, screaming at her, mocking her pain and tears, claiming that she was pulling the race card, and telling her that she was fake crying while sarcastically claiming that she'll win a Oscar. Fake crying? Where was this energy when he and his fellow racists were celebrating the thug Kyle Rittenhouse and his criminal mom fake crying and getting acquitted? Just like he allegedly claims to know about us Black people, we know about he and his people and their anti-Black racist ways too.

When racist doctors, racist cops, and racist individuals refuse to acknowledge our pain and claim that we don't feel pain and are "faking" our very real pain, that in itself is dehumanization. Constant mass dehumanization of a racial/ethnic group on lead to ethnicide and genocide. This is extremely dangerous. They know what they are doing and all of these non-Blacks groups are united with whites against Black people.

Black Movies Ruined By White Subplots

I nominate:


The first 10 minutes are Black and then the main character dies, turns into a blue blob, and spends the rest of his time saving a white girl. It ruined the movie for me because it became about her. The Black man being of service to a White girl made him change his outlook on life, the f**k. Then in the end he’s Black again for 10 minutes and then the curtains close.

Plankton in Atlantic Ocean "pretty much dead" says scientist

“Given that plankton is the life-support system for the planet and humanity cannot survive without it, the result is disturbing,” says marine biologist and former Scottish Government adviser Dr Howard Dryden. “It will be gone in around 25 years. Our results confirmed a 90% reduction in primary productivity in the Atlantic. Effectively, the Atlantic Ocean is now pretty much dead.”

According to the Sunday Post, the research blames chemical pollution from plastics, farm fertilisers and pharmaceuticals. Previously, it was thought the amount of plankton had halved since the 1940s, but the evidence gathered by the Scots suggest 90% has now vanished.

I just quoted some key of the article linked

MoT #191 Judges Continue Ignoring Law To Set Murderers Free

Police and judges are corrupt collaborators and as juries are no longer as safe haven for criminal cops their last ditch are judges who are illegally using their position to throw out lawful verdicts and to give what amount to acquittals from the bench. What can be done to stop this lawlessness?

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The Tariq Nasheed Interview on The No Jumper podcast

This was a pretty good interview, the Black dude doing most of the interview is a tad bit annoying, he asks questions in a gossipy way,and towards the end of the interview, he lost me 100% watch it and you'll see what I mean.

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MoT #191 Judges Continue Ignoring Law To Set Murderers Free

MoT #191 Judges Continue Ignoring Law To Set Murderers Free
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Police and judges are corrupt collaborators and as juries are no longer as safe haven for criminal cops their last ditch are judges who are illegally using their position to throw out lawful verdicts and to give what amount to acquittals from the bench. What can be done to stop this lawlessness?

Kid Cudi got trash thrown at him while on stage

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Who the hell goes to a concert to do this nonsense?

I mean I can't blame him for walking off. This is a sign of the times we live in people. Pay attention. The youth growing up now has no respect for themselves or anyone else.

Is Anyone Breaking Up During The Collapse

I feel grieved a bit. I had a big falling out with a good friend in my tiny prep community about water collection. This person is what we call in our circles boule. I spent years trying to educate my crew on the collapse and what it's going to be like, and how we can be as sufficient as we can in the burbs in case SHTF. Here in FL, it's been unseasonably dry like in many places across the nation, not even an old tropical depression. I started discussing water catchment in the event city services are disrupted (none of us have a well and we live close to brackish water which is undrinkable), which would be collecting rainwater and developing something that can be placed on the house to get it into our barrels that I purchased. My friend said she ain't drinking no roof water. I asked her if she would not drink water from the sky that can be filtered, even if it had some roof sediment that could be filtered (and I have that stuff too). She said no. So I basically (and truthfully) said I guess I'll be watching ya'll die then because we really have no other sources of water should the bottled water get used up and city water stops working.

She interpreted my comments as I would watch her and her kids die because of her choice. She totally missed how I crafted away for us to live, even if we had to drink some filtered water for a season. We had a big blow-up. She was disrespectful to me in front of her kids. I was done.

I'm an old woman. My kids are grown. She's my age but had kids late. They are all still at home. Our group preps include keeping everyone in the group safe and alive by any means.

I'm finding it really difficult to get folks to understand where this country is headed and what we might have to do to survive in small groups/pockets. We've been friends for a while, but I'm reckoning with maybe some folks in my group really aren't good people to be with in hard times. I find people in the North who haven't spent any time in the South or on the Southern struggle are "different" when it comes to prepping. I live in FL alone, so I don't want to be surrounded by people who aren't on the same level if SHTF. I'm considering moving back home to be around survivors.

Is anyone else struggling with breaking up with people, spouses, or boos? Stuck on teams with people who don't see the writing on the wall? How are you coping, what are you doing?

Report: Anti-LGBTQ+ Pastor Jesse Lee Peterson Had Same-Sex Lovers

Several men have come forward to give credible accounts about the sexual activities and propositions that anti-LGBTQ+ minister and former Indisputable guest Jesse Lee Peterson has engaged in.. Dr. Rashad Richey and Jessica Burbank discuss on Indisputable.

Looks like the ultra co0n is getting his co0n card revoked. I'm not sure if these stories are facts or not, but what I do know is that white supremacy ALWAYS BREAKS THEIR TOOLS!

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